Online training is here to stay. It is the new way of learning. Improving your online learning skills will hugely benefit your personal growth and success.

Learners thrive in varying motivational circumstances. We present here some of the practical tips to improve your online learning skills.

Mind your online learning skills.

1. Mind “why”.

It is always worth knowing the reason behind your training and learning activities. It provides directions and guidance especially when times get rough and distressful. It defines the intensity level of your dedication to training and segregates those matters you are willing to compromise. Oftentimes, the real score is not the learning itself but to a far greater purpose.

The “why” of training brings motivation. It compels a person to do more what is expected of and deliver those considered mighty improbable to accomplish.

Define your objectives and the things you want to accomplish. Dedicate them to a cause, community, person, or to whatever/whoever inspires you. This validates the essence of purposeful training.

Clearly understand the benefits to all stakeholders of your learning activity. And never consider they owe you gratefulness or compensation for such.

2. Mind “where”.

Online learning

The platform for the learning activities will be conducted online. This is totally different from the physical training environment. Online learning greatly depends on the equivalent effort of the learner to arrive at a successful learning outcome.

In the online learning, responsibility comes first. You brace yourself, watch your schedule, ready your materials, be alert, and always stay hungry for learning,

In this completely new learning environment, no one claims expertise as a training designer, content writer, presenter, facilitator, assessor, learning administrator, or as a learner. We are now experiencing a sensitive migration from the old ways to the new normal. It invites all of us to be more understanding and contributory in the process of finding the optimal condition of learning applied in various circumstances.

The pivotal shift to the learning system may be initially disturbing and distressing but you have remarkably overcome the the first and most challenging bottleneck in online learning – acceptance. Soon, when major players have comfortably attuned to the new system it is then when wonderful benefits of online learning will be enjoyed.

The online learning environment prompts up the learner in the core of the learning activity. Despite variations in the training designs and models, the ultimate duty and accountability rest to the learner. It is in this that self-learning becomes more fashionable.

Field of interest

The field of learning interest has a tremendous impact in measuring the quality and amount of dedication and resources loaned to acquire the base level of technical skills and professional competence. Consultation to practitioners, research and readings on the field, and various sources of information would provide vital information in assessing your preparation in the learning activity to obtain the desired results.


An open-minded, well-thought of, understanding of the professional community you would join will give you a sneak preview on the quality of people working in the system.

You may visit association websites, make introductory reading in journals and governing laws, and conduct simple research on the issues besetting the professional community to guide you in approximating the relevance of and challenges in the field.

3. Mind “what”.


Properly expressed objectives inspire, remind, and draw out the best performance.

Set your specific and attainable rating objectives. This pulls the amount of dedication and resources you are about to invest.

Set your specific and attainable training financial budget.

Learning environment

Know the learning model that suits you, such as micro learning, integrative, or both.

Know your pacing, for example, asynchronous (self-paced, self-directed plan) or synchronous (with course schedule to follow).

Learning materials and activities

Zero-based (detailed, slow, and topical) discussions or integrative (summative).

Visual, audio, audio-visual, readings, problem-oriented

  1. Video lectures
  2. Study notes
  3. Problems and cases
  4. Exercises

Focused group discussions

  1. Online mentoring sessions
  2. Chats
  3. Web discussions


  1. Topical
  2. Modular
  3. Course
Other limitations

Consider your working status: are you working full-time, with frequently changing schedule, working abroad, etc.?

Mind your health status and other related issues.

Adequacy of resources.

4. Mind “when”.


Define your priorities.

Balance it with your health, spiritual, physical, and family circumstances.


Develop learning schedule based on your preferences and self-assessments in items no. 1, 2, and 3.

Set your specific and attainable schedule in terms of date, coverage, activities, and outcome. Give a reasonable provision for adjustment in your schedule to accommodate material deviations from expectations.

Set your study schedule such as weeks, days, and time

  1. Regular schedule
  2. Wrap-up schedule
  3. Break time

5. Mind “how”.

The “how” poses the greatest challenge in doing an extremely demanding task. It needs a full coordination of your whole faculties.

Mind setting precedes the mind “how” – Is this activity absolutely clear in your mind? Do you have the heart and the belief in your abilities to do it? Do you have faith you can do it no matter what? Are you willing to sacrifice much?

Systems and learning resources (for “certs app” only)

Understand your CERTS Learning App (know your online learning platform)
 How does it work? What are its functionalities and limitations?

 Kindly visit this link for the CERTS Learning Management System Overview

 Watch this video for the Student Module

Learning devices
 Mobile phone – must be android-powered
 Laptop – must be windows operating systems (version 10 or higher) and MacOS

App installation
 The CERTS LMS is downloadable by following this link:

Internet connections and telecommunications
 Reliable and stable internet connections – the CERTS LMS is designed to run in the published minimum internet speed, uploading and downloading, of the major telco players, i.e., PLDT, Globe, Smart, DITO, and other local internet providers in the Philippines
 Check the internet speed in your location – you may check your internet speed such “speedtest” or other sited in the net.
 Prepaid or postpaid – using postpaid internet connection plan is much reliable than the prepaid plan that materially varies in different areas.

Physical set up
 Dedicated learning place – choosing your comfortable and convenient learning place(s) greatly impact your learning productivity; you may set it at home, working place, fast food restaurant, library, parks, and other location depending on time and mood
 Equipment and furniture – it is highly advisable to set up your table, chair, lightings, audio, ventilation, electrical connection, and training supplies; after a little while your mood and body will adjust to your physical set up.

Supplemental learning materials
 From the web
 Printed materials
 Digital materials

Are you working in a relaxed or tight budget?
In a tight budget situation, what are your options and corresponding sacrifices?

Are you physically ready to meet the demands of the learning activity?

Support system
Is my family behind you on this activity? Your true and reliable friends?

6. Mind to “Do It”

All things being in place, just do it!

A well thought of activity is worthless unless executed accordingly. Do it timely and accurately.

Set up a monitoring system

  1. Always keep on watch of your Flash Score.
  2. Respect your personal monitoring system, if you have one.

7. Mind “the return”.

Reward Yourself

  • Share your accomplishments with your loved ones.

Learn from your experience

  • Be passionate on your winning techniques. Strive for more.

Time for a new challenge.

  • Move on to the next level.

Value your sacrifices.

  • Remember all your great efforts
  • Failures hurt but learn from it. Glorify those who cried and labored with you in times of great hardships and difficulties.

8. Mind your learning business. We mind it.

Embrace the online learning systems, build a good working habit around, and persist.

Good luck and may the good spirit of victory guide you to greater accomplishments.


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