The CERTS Online Review Platform: In Response to the Pandemic

The proliferation of online learning apps squarely addresses the challenge of the present pandemic in the area of learning and training. Digital learning becomes a global benchmark in delivering education in all areas reached by the internet protocol. In this way, structured learning flows continuously and knowledge spreads worldwide in a more evenly manner.

Like other pioneering solutions, online learning has its share of imperfections serving as a strong base for continuous improvements until its optimal accuracy is reached. And while the feedback system plays its vital role, system developers, education experts, and other stakeholders are all scrambling to complement each other in forging a reliable online learning system.

A little of confusion

People tend to interchange social app or video app with the Learning Management Systems (LMS). This great misconception distorts the true understanding of the online learning environment.

Structured learning is not only about basic communication. The learning process ends in improving the faculties of the learner, in drawing out the best of the learner’s talents and power. To do this, a learning cycle has to be completed from the understanding and acceptance of the issue to skills and attitude development, articulation and application, and cheerful sharing of blessings for the upliftment of the community and its members. And just like any other cycle, there is a presence of control and management in each process. Hence, the use of the Learning Management System and its complementary modules.

Social media and digital meeting apps are, at most, tools to pursue the purpose of digital education in an online platform.

Stay At Home

The “Stay At Home” slogan becomes the standard government’s policy in addressing the challenges of the present pandemic. It also establishes the area of “health protection” as the anchor in public safety and welfare. The said policy worked excellently at the onset. However, in the days following, after getting acquainted to the situation, people start going out to work for a living mindful of the health risk but driven by the basic necessity to feed themselves and their family.

This practical and compelling reason to go out does not apply to the education sector. The executive branch of the government is dead-set, at least up to the next School Year 2021-2022, not to essentially allow face-to-face classes in physical campuses. This is expected as the norm in the succeeding years until a stable future becomes predictable and the health protection risk is acceptably mitigated.

This makes online learning the most prudent platform in carrying the objectives of training.

Learning mindset

The digital learning environment introduces the new way of learning.

Although academic programs, curriculum design and learning structures need a reflective and holistic review, nevertheless, they are not expected to be reengineered in the near future. The immediate attention focuses on how the training processes would define the learning model.

Will the learning model be predominantly teacher-centered or learner-centered? The answer to this query defines the processes on how training is designed and conducted.

The teacher-centered training model constraints the quality and scope of learning and has a bias towards convenience in managing the learning activities and the preparation of reports in a batch of learners. This teacher-center set-up, though efficient, does not favor nurturing the maximum potentials of learners.

The learner-centered training model places premium on responsibility and new discoveries. It provides an encouraging environment to explore for more and challenge the limits of imagination. It develops confidence, balance, and fun.

The online learning environment must be harnessed to bring a new learning experience and urge learners to strive beyond. It must, however, be undertaken in a system that engages mentors who have been trained to have faith on the power of the learners in their ability to make novel discoveries.

The learner-centered philosophy in an online learning platform is the way to go for education in the new normal. This is how the CERTS Online Review Platform is designed and structured.


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