The CERTS Online Review Platform (CORP) operates under the following principles:

  • Relaxed environment summons great learning.
  • The part is greater than the whole.
  • Little by little does the trick.
  • Give reward for every single accomplishment, even how seemingly mundane it appears.
  • Trust into the learner and the learning system.
  • Learning is flexible.

Relaxed environment summons great learning

A learning environment ought to be relaxing to draw out the best of the learners. It happens when people, materials, machines, methods, and resources are harmoniously organized in an environment to indulge learners to search for the glory of their discoveries.

To do this, the best infrastructure and reasoned policies must be all in right places. The infrastructure must be learner-friendly in a milieu of encouraging policies.

The part is greater than the whole

The science of learning rests on its details. The art of education fosters on how the parts are wonderfully arranged to form a beautiful whole.

An academic program is composed of courses. Each course is divided into elements such as modules, lessons, and topics. Concepts, principles, systems, procedures, and techniques are embedded into the course elements. This structure is the foundation of micro credentialization.

As knowledge is micro structured, the components of the learning and training system such as learning materials and delivery, skills development, assessments, and rewards are intelligently managed and performed. Otherwise, education would become a plethora of imagination concocted by great minds fashioned in a conflicting and disorganized way.

Little by little does the trick

Expertise takes time to forge. It demands competence in every stage of the process leading to the product of assimilated repetitive efforts towards perfection. Great learnings are not acquired overnight.

As such, learning schedule must be in place not to serve as a pressure point but to remind learners on the standard timetable of their accomplishments and progress. In this way, putting the brick one at a time according to the design would be an easy way to construct a wall and another to build a fortified castle.

Learning little by little, one step at a time, is a reliable process of understanding the greater body of knowledge and information and in developing wisdom.

Give reward for every single accomplishment, even how seemingly mundane it appears.

An accomplishment even how visibly trivial needs recognition or reward. A reward may be in a form of appreciation and encouragement, points earned, rating, certificate, or other ways of acknowledgment. This also affirms we are at bay watching while the learner does the task, jubilant in efforts and progress, emphatically cheering in times of difficulties, and still believing when one momentarily stumbles.

Trust into the learner and the learning system.

The entire online system depends on trust. Parties in a transaction may not have the occasion to physically or digitally meet, however, they still proceed to complete an exchange process because of their trust in the system. To this mantra, the education process is not an exception.

The learning process is dedicated to the learner who deserves to grow and optimize potentials. With a learning environment developed to uplift the learning spirit, a learner is expected to complement it with initiative to dream, believe, and aspire for more. When the learning spirit is held aflame and the system suits the environment, trust is developed and learning becomes magical.

Learning is flexible

The waves of learning are influenced by time, gravity, and space.

The pre-existing conditions of the learner must be thoroughly considered. Some have irregular working schedule, single-parent, or working abroad. Others have good internet connections and efficient devices while others have poor learning space.

Things are non-linear and the flexibility of the system speaks well of its capabilities.


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