The CERTS Online Review Platform (CORP) is dedicated to the persevering reviewees

The CORP is designed with the persevering reviewees in mind. They are working individuals, constricted by time and schedule, worrying about their families and dependents, and battered by the challenges of life, however, keeping tightly grip on their dreams and self-belief.

To them, we position to deliver the Total Online Review (TOR) program having the following features:

1.0  Systems-based
1.1  Data confidentiality

CERTS uses its private and proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) platform. The information contained and generated in the system is treated with utmost confidentiality.

1.2  Accessibility

The LMS runs in the android, windows 10, and MacOS platforms. Android devices not supported by GooglePlay store may opt to download the .apk file.

Largest repository of CPALE learning materials

The LMS maintains that largest repository of CPALE learning materials composed of video lectures, reading notes, exercises, assessments, and simulation exams. The learning materials are accessible 24/7, unlimited, except for those covered in the synchronous training environment. Study notes are downloadable.

1.3  Asynchronous and flexible learning

Learning is self-paced and self-directed. Modules are geared towards self-learning activities. Trainees are urged to identify their learning time to suit their schedule.

1.4  Assessment score and predictive value

The quality and scope of preparation is reflected in the Assessment Score. It is an aggregate of the comprehensive assessment rating in a course, such as FAR, AFAR, Auditing, Taxation, RFBT, and MS. A course comprises topical, modular, and course assessments. The Assessment Score measures a predictive rating in taking a course’s examination. It has the following components:
Assessments Maximum Rating
Topical 40%
Modular 30%
Course 30%
Total 100%

The Assessment Score interactively updates every time an assessment is completed.

2.0  Micro Learning and Skills Credentialization

Micro credentialization is the new order of competence and skills proficiency.

A trainee may opt to focus on topics considered as weaknesses and are found material in passing the CPALE. Developing competence on those topics builds self-confidence leading to obtaining a higher rating in the licensure exams.

Inasmuch as the system embodies a knowledge so structured to identify skill competencies, the CPALE training process ends up not only acquiring the CPA license but other equally relevant professional certifications as well.

Examples of these credentials include the Certified Financial Accountant, Certified Cost Accountant, Certified Financial Manager, Certified Management Accountant Global, and Certified Tax Accountant. These credentials are issued by the Asia Pacific Professionals Association Foundation, Inc.

3.0  Synchronous/Live components

In addition to the LMS, the TOR program is complemented by online mentoring sessions, power review, simulation exams, and final coaching.

3.1  Online Mentoring Sessions

These live group discussion sessions are scheduled at the option of the Review Director for those who seek answers and clarification to their submitted questions. It is also used to discuss new topics not yet uploaded in the LMS but relevant in the upcoming CPALE.

3.2  Power Review

It is a live summary lecture to integrate all the topics covered in a course. Each of the six CPALE courses are given sixteen hours to consolidate and simplify the concepts, principles, and techniques related the course.

3.3  Simulation Exams

It is a live, simultaneously scheduled, training exams to have a feel of the professional licensure exams and, simultaneously, develop confidence through gained skills in testmanship. It also serves as a predictor on the results of the licensure exams.

3.4  Final Coaching

It is a live and final appearance of the Reviewer in an effort to exhort the examinees, drill them, and solidify their self-confidence in passing the licensure examinations.


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