1. CERTS has two (2) Online CPALE Training Programs:
   (1) Regular Program, and the
   (2) Refresher Program.

2. These programs have more than 375 online regular live lecture hours to cover the topics in the 6 CPALE courses.

3. Also, live online discussions for Power Review (96 hours) are conducted at least a 2.5 months prior to the CPALE date. Enrollees for the October 2024 CPALE batch may attend the power review lectures for the May 2024 CPALE Batch and those enrolled in the May 2025 CPALE Batch may attend the October 2024 Batch, and so on.

4. Furthermore, online live discussions for Final Coaching (48 hours) are conducted at least 3 weeks prior to the CPALE date. Only those who have submitted their Notice of Admission (NOA) for the immediately upcing CPALE are allowed to attend the final coaching lectures. This brings a total of more than 500 online live lectures hours.

5. Personal learning is reflected in your real-time “Flash Score” serving as the first-hand guide in tracking your successful preparation for the CPALE.

6. Access to the learning materials will start within 24 hours from the time the proof of payment is sent to our fb page: certs educational services. The access to the said learning materials will be up to the last day of the CPALE schedule being enrolled into. In case of the Professional Regulation Commission rescheduling of the CPALE dates, the last day of the access wil be to the last date of the immediately succeeding CPALE schedule. Succeeding PRC rescheduling would not be covered by this provision.

7. We use our own Learning Management System, “certs educonline Review”, for the CPALE review program.

8. Our system runs in android-powered smart phone, laptop or desktop in the windows 10 and 11 environment and MacOS environment.

9. We follow an open-time, open-schedule, and self-paced learning system where learning is made on a self-paced manner. The review schedule is at your will. Our learning resources are on the cloud, in our server, awaiting to be accessed.

10. We advise all learners to take the “Diagnostic Assessment” before plunging into the nitty-gritty of the review program. This activity will lead in developing a strategic and personal review program to successfully prepare for the CPALE.

11. Our online learning resources comprise the following: recorded video lectures (600+); study notes, slides, and references (2,000+ pages); MCQs for exercises, topical assessments, modular assessments (12,000+ MCQs), simulation exams for the 6 subjects (4 sets are available), and flash score to monitor your rating and identify the topics you have to strengthen.

12. Only PDF reading materials are downloadable.

13. Online Mentoring Sessions (OMS) are scheduled on a periodic basis. Training and interaction with Reviewers are purely online, no physical attendance.

14. Topical, modular, and course assessments are accessible anytime (asynchronous).

15. There are two simulation exams (SIMEX), the 1st Simex and the Final Simex, for the 6 CPALE courses given at least a month before the CPALE schedule. You may take as much as 4 sets of SIMEX in all of the CPALE courses for your training.

16. Learners may enroll anytime at https://cpale.certsedu.tech/registration-and-enrollment/.

17. The services included in the two online CPALE review programs are shown in the following table:

1Regular CPALE Review Program. It covers all the CPALE Review Program services in the 6 CPALE courses. The cash-basis fee is P5,000.

2Refresher CPALE Review Program. This program has regular Online Live Lectures to cover all the topics in the 6 CPALE courses on top of the regular online CPALE review program services. The cash-basis fee is P9,900.

3Synchronous learning refers to a learning event in which a group of students are engaging in learning at the same time.

4Asynchronous learning is a general term used to describe forms of education, instruction, and learning that do not occur in the same place or at the same time.

18. For the Refresher Review program, the tuition is P9,900 for cash basis, regardless of the duration of the review period selected or used by the learner. For installment basis, the down payment is P5,000 and the balance of P5,200 is payable after 2 months from the date of enrollment or before the date of the CPALE, whichever comes earlier. Kindly refer to paragraph 20.

19. For the Regular CPALE Review, the tuition is P5,000 for cash basis, regardless of the duration of the review period selected or used by the learner. For installment basis, the down payment is P3,000 and the balance of P2,500 is payable after one month from the date of enrollment.

21. For other details, kinldy visit: https://cpale.certsedu.tech/